Unlocking Love - The Short Course

How to discover and unlock what is holding you back from the love you desire!


Are you too busy to read the hundreds of relationship advice books out there but really want to gain some powerful insights that you can implement immediately to start seeing results?


Are you afraid that you will never experience the type of love you deeply desire ending up alone for the rest of your life or settling for a sub-par, unfulfilling relationship?


Are you frustrated with online dating that only seems to lead to bad coffee dates and a waste of your precious time?


Do you feel like there really is someone perfect out there for you but just can’t put your finger on what seems to be holding you back?

Then Unlocking Love – The Short Course is exactly what you are looking for!

I want to help you discover and unlock what’s holding you back from that great relationship you deeply desire. And quite frankly…deserve! My purpose is to help you elevate love in your life, experiencing the type of love you know in your heart of hearts is possible but just can’t seem to grasp.

Because trust me, I know exactly what that feels like…

Everything I know and teach about love comes from over three decades of my own emotional and spiritual blocks and work I have done to heal. You see for the first half of my life I struggled in love. More than anything I wanted to be in a loving, connected, passionate and forever relationship; however, I couldn’t seem to get there. It took me a whole lot of failures, heartaches, divorce and ugly cries to learn exactly what was holding me back. After all these years of struggle and doing the work, it hit me like a lightning bolt. I knew exactly what was holding me back from the love I desired. I started to apply the work and within two months my experience in love changed drastically. The love of my life and I got back together and we started creating our happily ever after. Everything I ever desired in love is now my reality. I am so grateful.ve…and that makes me REALLY, REALLY happy. I want you to experience epic love too!

I am sharing this with you because:

  1. I know exactly what it feels like to struggle in love no matter what you seem to do and;
  2. I want to work with you to help you uncover and heal what is holding you back so that you too can start creating happily ever after with someone special.

What exactly is Unlocking Love – The Short Course?

An online course that you can access and complete at any time around your schedule!

In this course you will learn why getting to the love you desire is so hard and exactly what you can do to change that. Each core module covers one of the four Keys to Unlocking Love. Each module includes a video, downloadable content/worksheet and the four core modules include two bonuses indicated below.

In each video, Diane shares her personal story and how it caused her locks to love. She then shares her favorite healing methods for each key to unlocking love. She hopes that by sharing her story that you will more easily identify with and discover your own locks.

The downloadable worksheets will provide you with content and then guide you through some questions to draw out awareness of potential locks. They then show you exactly what you can begin doing immediately to unlock love. Each worksheet was designed to be only 4 pages to ensure we cut right to the point and get you moving forward…who wants to wait any longer?!

Unlike many courses, this course is can be completed in as little as one day if you like. It gives you the key information and shows you how to start implementing the healing techniques so you can get to what you really want faster...LOVE!

What you get access to:

What you get access to:

  • 6 short video segments including an introduction, four core modules and a wrap up.
  • A short video segment introducing you to the concepts.
  • Downloadable content/ worksheets for each module.

But wait…there’s more!

But wait…there’s more!

Bonus #1 – You will receive an Affirmation Poster for each of the four core modules.

Bonus #2 – You will receive ALL FOUR Quiz Results PDF’s for Your Key To Unlocking Love.

Is this for me?

Is this for me?

If you are like me and know that you cannot live without a deep, connected and passionate forever love then YES, this course is definitely for you!

But if you are…

But if you are…

Truly satisfied being on your own or living unhappily ever after in an unfulfilling relationship; or perhaps you do not really believe that epic love exists then this course is likely not what you are looking for.

Your Investment

Only $97.00

This is a crazy low price for the value of this course, but I really want you to have the love you desire! As this is an introductory price, it could go up at any time. Don’t be disappointed, make your purchase today!


Are there any special technical requirements to access the course?

All you need to access the course is your computer and an internet connection. If you are accessing ElevateLove.com then you can access the course with no problems at all!

Exactly how long does it take to do the course?

As each learner is unique there is no exact timing for the course. The course was consciously designed to cover specific information that you could begin assimilating into your daily practices now. You can go through the course content in as little as half a day and then implement the suggestions for transformation immediately. Others may opt to do one module and implement the strategies for a week to a month before moving to the next. It is completely up to you and your preferred learning style.Your access to the course does not expire.

How do I access the course after I make my purchase?

After you make payment you will receive an email with a link to log into the training portal. If you have any issues or do not receive the link please contact [email protected] for assistance.

What if I need more help?

Not to worry! You might have a quick question that I can answer via a quick email or perhaps you want to schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery session. Either way, you can always reach me at [email protected].

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