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“WOW! Diane you were amazing!”


Are you looking for a dynamic, engaging and authentic speaker for your next event or meeting?  Diane inspires people to elevate love in all areas of their lives, to step up and consciously create the lives they truly want to live. She calls audience members to action in a practical, fun and meaningful way. Contact her today and make your next event one that people will leave talking about! Diane speaks on topics such as:

Design Your Amazing Life!

Innovation Awards 2Is work-life balance bogus? When it comes to increasing balance we are often left wondering where to begin. Diane will outline why we are still searching. She then shifts your thinking with her Relationship Balance Model™ and 6 Step Life Design Process that will leave audience members with the tools, confidence and commitment to LOVE their lives.

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11066612_1021757554519456_3154865085020376639_nYou will leave this keynote with an understanding of:

  • Why work/life balance is such an elusive concept
  • 3 obstacles that are preventing you from achieving balance
  • Your definition for an AMAZING Life
  • A new model to consciously create balance
  • A 6 step framework to simply Design your Life
  • A fresh empowered perspective to begin meaningful positive change
  • Permission to step up and be the CEO of Your AMAZING Life!

Authenticity is the New Black!

1511422_1021757394519472_5232414699686976048_nWhen you are an exceptional leader, people will follow you anywhere. Exceptional leaders automatically gain trust and buy in because they are authentic. Understanding and playing to your Authentic Super Powers is the ultimate edge in gaining trust and in turn increasing your results as a leader. In this topic Diane discusses the importance of being an authentic leader and impact on bottom line results.


Diane also customizes her messages to meet organizations or events specific themes or needs. Contact her today to discuss your options. Make your meeting or event one that will add value to your audience. Book Diane today by contacting her at [email protected]

Working with Diane was awesome! The organizing committee instantly liked her when she arrived the day of the event, as she was very friendly and outgoing. She graciously accomodated our speaker guidelines and tailored her presentation perfectly for the audience. Her heartfelt stories made her a truly authentic speaker and she had us all on the edge of our seats. We were so captivated you could have heard a pin drop! We were all really impressed with the way she wove the Famous 5 women into her presentation and gave kudos to their legacy. Diane shared our Facebook page on her site, as we did with hers which helped bolster sales to the evening presentation. The comments from attendees were overwhelmingly positive and everyone left that night feeling inspired and ready to “ignite their life”! Thanks to Diane we all had a very positive experience and were able to host a very successful event!                                                           ~Angela Scoble, Chair, Enbridge Famous 5 Speaker Series, Suncor

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Speaking Reviews

“Diane helped break tired old patterns and see exciting new options.”

“Diane was amazing!”

“You have really inspired me!”  – CD

“The women I spoke to after the event loved your presentation and wished it was longer.”  – MS

“The information you shared today is so inspirational yet practical. I can’t wait to try some of the things you suggested. I know it is going to make my life easier.” – FC

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