You Won’t Be Alone Forever If You Do These 3 Things Now!

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Are your dreams of being in a connected, loving and passionate relationship starting to feel like more of a pipe dream?

You have been putting yourself ‘out there’ like everyone tells you to, yet you seem to be yielding zero results. Perhaps you have invested a lot of time and money going out to be available. You just aren’t sure if you can tolerate another bad coffee date with someone you met online and tried your hardest to remain open minded about.

You are starting to feel a bit anxious about your single status and wonder, ‘will I be alone forever?’

As a Love Coach I have had many clients who have been in your shoes and at one point in my life, I even felt this way. But I can honestly say if you do the 3 things outlined below you will not be alone forever.

Better yet – you will be on your way to attracting real and sustainable forever love with a partner you can begin creating a beautiful future with.

1. Shift from making it happen to inviting it in

We place a great deal of value on ‘making things happen’ in our workplaces and our lives. If you want something, ‘go get it.’ We have been trained that when we want something, action is the only way to get it. And when action does not yield results, we simply go back to plan out a new form of action. Usually this approach is highly successful. So why is this not working for you when it comes to love?

There are two important pieces missing in the above equation that are necessary to attract sustainable love. First, we must have laser focus on our own needs and desires. Having this clarity allows us to invite in what will work.  Wishy washy self-awareness will get you gets wishy washy results.

The second piece of the puzzle is creating a space to allow love to flow to us. Once you have discovered what your needs are and have clarified your desires, continue doing things that feel natural rather than dating activities to force an outcome. The most important part is to start being in the same feeling vibration as if your wishes have already come true. If you want to feel secure and joyful, do things that make you feel this way now.

Remember, you are an energetic magnet and how you currently feel is what you will attract.

2. Do something different

Albert Einstein said, ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity,’ yet when it comes to finding ‘the one’ we often get stuck in doing the same thing over and over again. When it doesn’t work, do you immediately go back to step one of the same process? Usually this happens because you do not know any alternatives.

Before you can truly attract the one you desire or connect fully in a relationship, you need to be in the right emotional and spiritual space. You need to let go of and heal the things that are holding you back from the love you desire.

These blocks usually go back to your childhood and are typically the cause of relationship heartache and repeated patterns that do not serve you.

Unconsciously moving forward and entering another relationship without doing some healing work will more than likely lead to the same results you have had up until now. Save yourself some time and most importantly heartache and contact me today for a complimentary Discovery Session where I can help get you on the right track and share some alternatives that will set you up for success.

3. Trust in your vision

Have you ever ignored that little knowing in your gut about a person you dated because you were afraid of being alone forever? Have you told yourself that you are being too judgmental or picky and you should really be more open? Your intuition will never lead you astray. You can choose to ignore it and temporarily satisfy your need of not being alone, but if your gut is feeling red flags, chances are this is not your forever partner.

Once you have gained clarity on your needs and desires, set an intention to invite this type of partnership into your life and done the work to remove the emotional/spiritual blocks you can sleep easy knowing that you are on the right path.

Do not fall into scarcity mindset. There are a lot of singles out there. They are not all the same. There is special someone for you and when the time is right and you are ready you will meet them. In the meantime, give yourself everything you desire from a future partner and know this one critical truth…

When your soul is ready your mate will appear.

Schedule your complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session now! Let’s get you on the on the path to love now.

Discover Your Key To Unlocking Love

Receive  a beautiful guide that will explain your biggest block to love and provide simple, yet powerful strategies  to create the love you desire.

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