Why Does Love Have To Be So HARD?

Will I ever find the one? Will I ever be happy in this relationship? Why does love have to be so hard?

Do you feel like you are on the path to unhappily ever after?

It’s certainly not for a lack of desire. I work with men and women every day that are committed to being in healthy and deeply loving relationships. They come to me with a deep and genuine desire to figure love out.

And therin lies the problem.

Love is not a mathematical problem. You will never figure it out. Although the mind plays a role in the forming and continued growth of a healthy relationship, what you need to move forward to create the love you desire does not happen in the mind.

The answers you are looking for lie deeper than that. They exist within the emotional/spiritual part of you.

Sure, understanding the opposite sex will definitely help you be more successful, but if you are looking to create real, connected, forever love it begins within.

You see, you came into this world as a perfect, divinely created being…and then life happened. You might not even remember the events that happened in your early years that caused emotional wounds or blockages.

You might have filed them in your unconscious mind to avoid pain or, now that you are an adult with a fully formed brain, they might not seem like a big deal. But everyone has them. And 95% of your reality is created by what is stored in your subconscious mind.

These wounds are the root of your emotional triggers. You know those times when you seem to have an irrational response to something, but you’re not sure why it happens? Something deeper is being triggered in you. A fear, something you feel guilty or ashamed about or something you feel broken hearted about. Your wounds are being triggered.

These same emotional wounds and the spiritual blockages they create make prevent us from the love we consciously desire. They make us self-sabotage. They create walls around our heart. They hold us back from creating the connection we crave.

When we uncover these wounds and heal them we show up differently and when we show up differently, the world around us reflects back to us something completely different. Ease, connection, beauty, flow. We feel good and life and our experience in love feels good.

I know it works because not only have I helped so many clients create the love they desire, but this is exactly what I did to change my own personal experience in love. After spending the first half of my life failing in love, I discovered the way to change it, I did the work and now I am creating my happily ever after with the love of my life.

Are you ready to make that change? I can help you through One on One Coaching, HeartPath The VIP Experience or my most affordable option Unlocking Love – The Short Course.

And coming May 8, 2017 the Spring Session of Elevate Love – The Virtual Experience, a 4 week online program for women who want to start creating the love they desire.

Love does not have to be as it feels for you right now. When your soul is ready, your mate will appear. Let me help you get your soul ready!



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