Suffering From January LOVE GLOOM? 7 Reasons Why!

January Love Gloom
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Oh January!

You are supposed to be a fresh new start. Different than last year – that very trying 2016.

But it doesn’t feel so fresh and new. Why are you feeling bummed and anxious? Why are you starting to wonder if you will ever attract ‘the one’ or experience the type of connection you long for in a relationship?

Trust me – it’s not you Darling! Here are 7 reasons that are likely contributing to the way you’ve been feeling:

1. You’re still recovering from your holiday hangover.

January is not usually synonymous with ‘I feel the sexiest I have ever felt.’  Considering the average person puts on 8-10 lbs during the holidays it’s typically a time for turtle neck sweaters and anything long that will cover your extra sexy booty – right? Now add your reduced calorie intake to try to shake your holiday bulge and I bet your blood sugar levels might be making you feel just a tad bit crankier than normal. It’s pretty hard to feel that lovin feeling.

2. Oh beautiful bright sun, where art thou?

It is no secret that there are a lot less sunny days in January. Depending on where you live the percentage of sunny days varies and in some places, if you get sun, it comes with bone chilling temperatures. Besides ensuring our vitamin D supply, the sun is one way to power up our solar plexus chakra – the energy center in our body that allows us to feel confident and powerful.

3. January 1st is really just another day.

Somewhere, a long time ago, someone decided January 1st would be the start of the calendar year. Over the years we have become attached to this day and rely on it as the start of a new refreshed life, when really, most years this date has no meaning at all. There are much more powerful days to mark as the start to our year. One example is the first new moon of the year marks Chinese New Year which falls on January 28th this year, marking The Year of the Red Fire Rooster. Cock-a-doodle-do on fire!

4. Mother Nature has a plan.

Another date with meaning is the Spring Equinox, which falls on March 20th this year. Mother Nature does truly play a part in the cycle of the year. The winter months are a time of darkness – a time to plant seeds. In the spring when things begin to sprout any desires or intentions you have set can also begin to bloom. Trust in this perfect cycle of life and know that you will feel much different in the spring. Hello Spring Fever!

5. Fear, once again has you in its mighty grips.

Fear and love are dualities that often are at battle for the upper hand. Fear attempts to take over and shut you down. But love is actually much more powerful. It just needs space to breathe. If you are afraid of what is going to happen in the world due to current world events or afraid that you will be alone forever, then fear is taking up a lot of space and not allowing love to breathe. Ground yourself and invite love in.

6. You keep forgetting you’re a Superstar! 

Beating yourself up for not feeling super New Year’s jazzed? Have you been thinking things haven’t really changed this New Year so it must be me? I can hear the thought sin your head –  I am not good enough , smart enough, fit enough, disciplined enough, worthy enough…ENOUGH! You are perfect exactly the way you are, in this exact moment. When your monkey mind starts talking to you, simply say, ‘Oh hello there ego. Thank you for trying to protect me by keeping me small, but I am ready to achieve my dreams and desires. I am ready to create space for the love I desire.”

7. Patience is not anyone’s virtue.

Seriously! Patience is one of those things that we all battle against as part of life’s growth plan. Of course once you know what we want, you want it now. Who ever said, ‘oh I am dreaming of warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven but I’m good if I have them in 3 months from now.’ No one I know! But when you are ‘pushing’ there is no space for ‘allowing’ to happen and that is where you get into trouble. Set clear intentions, do the work to remove obstacles and allow the natural flow of the universe to bring you what you desire.

So darling if you feel far away from the love you desire right now, don’t lose hope. It’s not you.

Focus on what is in your control to make your dreams into reality, do the inner work, remove obstacles so when Spring is here your intentions will be well fertilized and bloom into reality.

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What else is causing you to feel January Love Gloom? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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