The SECRET To Creating The Love You Desire

The Secret 2
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Pssst – I have a secret.

Like all good secrets I want to share it with at least one person so I chose you!

It’s the secret that will help you create the love you desire. You know the really amazing, connected and meaningful love your heart and soul desires? Yeah! That kind of love.

Don’t worry, whether you are currently in a relationship or trying to find your forever partner, this secret will work for you.  The first thing you need to know is…

Love is energy

I bet you spend a lot of time in your head trying to figure out love. But love does not exist only in the mind. It also exists in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. And most, if not ALL of what is holding you back from epic love are blocks in your emotional, spiritual realms.

I did not learn this in university, nor did I learn it in in my coaching certification program – what I know and teach about love is from my own experience and let me tell you it hasn’t always been easy. In fact, if there was a poster girl for failed in love, I am pretty sure it could be me.

But even though I have struggled in love, my heart and soul never gave up. More than anything I wanted to be in a committed, loving, passionate and forever relationship and after struggling most of my life…

I figured out why love was so hard for me.

Here’s the secret

I was not able to create the love I desired because of locks in my emotional and spiritual realms. These locks prevented a flow of energy to my heart center, where love lives and breaths.

On the outside these energy locks showed up as fear, anxiety, depression, not feeling worthy, believing sex was love, self-sabotaging relationships, settling just to be in a relationship and an unconscious fear of commitment that mirrored back to me.

You see, you come into this world as a perfect human being. Then life happens. You experience a range of things, some of which cause locks. Most of the time you have no awareness that this is happening. Our subconscious minds take over and start building internal infrastructure to protect us.

Sometimes even BIG ASS WALLS.

For me, my first and most significant lock came before the age of 4, when my older sister died of cancer and I lost my very first soul level connection. Many create a lock when their younger sibling is born and their connection with their mother changes. Parents divorcing, friends moving away, sexual trauma or feelings of failure in elementary school can all cause our first locks.

Then as adults we layer on our own break ups and feelings of scarcity that push real love even further away.

But there is good news!

I can help you. As someone who has spent her entire adult life figuring this out the hard way, I really do not want anyone else to have to go through what I did to get to epic love – that is why I do what I do!

I realized that not everyone has the time or resources for one on one coaching and that’s exactly why I developed…

Unlocking Love - The Short Course, Elevate Love, Diane Taylor
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Unlocking Love – the Short Course!

  • This course is completely online, which means you can take it wherever or whenever you like. It’s up to you. Spend one hour one day or do it all at once. You can go back and do it as many times as you like. Once you purchase the course you can log into the learning portal as often as you like.
  • The course is designed to give you the key things you need to identify your own locks and begin healing them immediately. Less learning time combined with more action means better results!
  • Each of the 4 modules, as well as the Introduction and Wrap Up include a video coaching segment and a 4 page downloadable information/worksheet.
  • The 4 main modules each come with 2 Bonuses – The Key Outline and An Affirmation Poster.

The best part is you get all of this for ONLY $97.

To be honest, I have never been more excited about anything else I have ever created and that is because I know, without a doubt this course will change your experience with love – just like it did for me.

And if you are interested in one on one coaching, I invite you to schedule a Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Session. Email me today to arrange a time that works for you.

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