LOVE – An Evolution

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This week marks a change for me – the evolution of my Facebook Community.

A few years ago I started a Facebook Community called YOU GLOW GIRL! Its purpose was to promote the beauty of imperfection and help increase the level of consciousness and self-love among women globally.

For the first year I did weekly features of women who had endured many of life’s challenges, yet rose above the darkness and were able to shine brighter, as cracks in their hearts allowed for the  light of their souls to shine through, creating a beautiful glow.

I have learned that my purpose in this lifetime is to help others shine brightly. I do this through my corporate work developing emerging leaders and building winning teams. But there is one place where I really ROCK and that is in helping people remove the blocks that are preventing them from the love they deeply desire.

So although I really love creating a space for conscious women, I know that I can help on a lot larger scale and in a much deeper and more significant way by letting go of YOU GLOW GIRL! and creating space for my new Facebook Community…


LOVE is a community for men and women who are interested in this life altering and human growth experience we call love. It is a global conscious space committed to going deeper. Your relationship status doesn’t matter. It’s all about desire – the desire to create an epic love relationship, because you know that will create the foundation for a beautiful life.

This evolution is about you, yes! I can serve you better by fully stepping into my greatest gifts; however, it is also about me fully embracing my purpose and letting go of all doubts to serve more completely.

You see, I believe that once we heal the core wounds that are holding us back from the love we desire and truly open the path to the heart, not only do we create epic love in our own lives, but we elevate our love experience to serve all of humanity in our own unique and purposeful way.

How do you create world peace? One heart at a time. Where do you begin? Within.

So if you are not already a member of the LOVE Facebook Community I would be delighted if you would join us on the journey!

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