BIG LOVE is greater than us.

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Something magical happens when we feel love – it expands.

Abundance is a circle. When we give, we receive. When we receive we are able to give more. You might be thinking, when I have enough love, money, health, or success in my life I will give back, but let me share a game changer with you…

When you give what you desire, you are more likely to receive it in return.

Why is that? It is all about energy. When you create the energy of what you desire, you automatically become a magnet for it.  If it is love you desire, it will come easier if you are aligned with the energy frequency of love.

So get aligned with the love frequency now!

The Greeks have five words for love. The highest form of love is called ‘agape,’ which translates to English as charity. By making a commitment to a charity that your heart connects with, you will more easily attract the love you desire.

I’m not talking about giving a few bucks to the guy at the office who is participating in an event for a charity he really cares about. Of course, by all means support his passion and dedication to this cause for sure, but I’m talking about consciously choosing a charity that touches your heart.

Have you ever lost someone close to you? Has adopting a pet changed your life? Is there a global social justice issue that drives you crazy?  If there was just one area where meaningful change would make you burst with happiness and maybe even tear up a bit, what area would that be?

That’s your BIG LOVE Baby!

Money is good. Time is good. But money or time combined with heart felt ‘give a shit factor’ is serious heart opening stuff that will make a powerful difference in your life and the lives of many others.

I can feel your heart opening already!

I would love to hear your BIG LOVE story! Email me at [email protected]

Not sure where to start? See if any of these organizations pull your heart strings:

Ruben’s Shoes

Play Pumps


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