Hey Love! I’m Diane and I am so happy you are here!

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I’m here to help you discover and unlock what is preventing you from the love you desire.

You know what I mean – the really great, connected and forever kind of love you dream of.  It really is possible and I want to help you get there.

Perhaps you are starting to doubt if it is even possible. Perhaps you thought you had found it and then it fell apart leaving you completely heartbroken. Perhaps you are starting to question if true, deeply connected and lasting love is just a fairytale you were sold by princess movies and romantic comedies, but in reality doesn’t truly exist.

I get it. Oh yeah, I so get it.

You see for the first half of my life, love was my biggest challenge. If there was a poster girl for ‘Failed in Love,’ it could have been me!  Although I was a pretty together kind of girl, doing quite well in most other things in life, I sort or sucked in love.

Okay, maybe not ‘sort of’….seriously!

Although I wanted more than anything to be in a committed, loving and connected partnership, my ‘stuff’ kept getting in the way. This led me to years (okay decades!) of relationship failure, including two divorces, serious feelings of failure, buckets full of tears and feeling like I might end up alone forever.

But in all of my pain, struggle and growth (let’s call it growth, not failure!) things started to become very clear. There was something blocking me from the love I desired and if I did not figure out how to unlock these blocks I would never be able to experience the love my heart and soul longed for.

Each and every step of my journey, including all of those ugly cries, has lead me to where I am today – experiencing first-hand how unlocking those blocks can lead to epic love and change your life, make you the very best version of yourself and fill your heart with pure joy and happiness.

So I urge you – Don’t stop believing!

I want to help you unlock the love you truly desire. The kind of love you truly deserve.

So let’s get started. Take the quiz and find out Your Key to Unlocking Love.

Until we chat again, I invite you to elevate love in your life,

Diane xo

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